Who is this for?

Anyone who has a Nelo boat that doesn't use it anymore and wants to sell it but has been unable to do so.


Can I have special conditions on a new boat?

Yes! Instead of having the money from the boat sale transferred to you, it can be used as credit on the purchase of a new boat. The new boat can be delivered when we collect your old boat so you don't lose any water session.


How does it work?

You fill our quick form with the details of the boat you wish to sell, its condition, the fittings included and some photos so we can better assess its state. We will also need the boat's current location and how much you would like to get paid for it.

Our team will then evaluate your submission and if everything is ok we will proceed with the acquisition or propose a counter offer for a fair price.

If an agreement is reached we will schedule a date to pick up the boat and bring it to our factory.


What will happen to the boat?

We will bring it to our factory, refurbish it and put it back into circulation, so someone else who really needs a Nelo boat has that opportunity.

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